Learning Simplified

Hello Readers! Myself Dhamodharan.I am Python Developer with 6+ years of experience in various python based programming technologies. I am writing this article for all new the developers with interst to learn Python very quickly, So each module are frammed based on work and learning experiance from my past years.

I am pretty sure, you will be Python Programmer in a week! Happy Learning!

About Me

A dynamic and professional Data Engineer with excellent knowledge in analyzing large datasets, building, deploying and Maintaining data support tools. Expertise in various technologies used for ETL Process & Data Analitycs including updated technologies like NLP, Spacy for text Analysis. Possess excellent domain knowledge and leadership skills as leading the team on the technological front.

Domain Knowledge

Excellent knowledge in data mining and Data Analysis for data driven Bussiness Application.

E-commerce Domain

  • Developing highly dynamic python based HTML/JSON Parsers for extracting the data
  • Having experiance in almost all the Top Retailers in the Industry
  • Developed more than 200 python Scripts for Data Extraction
  • Good experiance in Multi Lingual Datasets
  • Developing highly dynamic python based HTML/JSON Parsers for extracting the data
  • Implemented Parsing codes for more than 300 domains

Bio-Informatics Domain

  • Good Understanding of publication Text Mining
  • Clinical Data Mining
  • Author Level Data Mining & Analysis
  • Good understanding and working experiance in more then 10 data sources

News Sources

  • Developed Framework for news data collection
  • Developed parser codes for more than 400 domains
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